Jamie Geller: The Queen of Kosher

Episode 11


Guest: Jamie Geller

Queen of Kosher

I’m excited to talk with Jamie Geller of Joy of Kosher magazine in this episode. She’s an amazing woman with tons of energy and it’s all focused on preparing Jewish food. Join me for learning how Jamie went from American journalist to Jewish Kosher food & Israel; from¬†“The Bride who Knew Nothing” to the head of a Joy of Kosher food magazine.

Although we taped this in September you’ll see our focus on Hanukkah in the recipes she shares.

Stephanie Goldfarb: Chicago Cook Extraordinaire Part 2

Episode 10

Guest: Stephanie Goldfarb

Chicago Cook Extraordinaire Part 2

It’s Part 2 with Stephanie Goldfarb and we cover lots of ground. You’ll hear about her day job working with amazing high school students, and lots more about food as we learn about Stephanie’s must haves in the kitchen, what it’s like to be in a cooking competition and the down-low about Israeli breakfasts and all the good food that Israel has to offer.


Stephanie Goldfarb: Chicago Cook Extraordinaire Part 1

Episode 9


Guest: Stephanie Goldfarb

Stephanie Goldfarb: Chicago Cook Extraordinaire 

Stephanie Goldfarb is a real Renaissance woman finding a way to mesh her passion for food and living a Jewish life in the most extraordinary way. She shares her path to Jewish cooking with me and talks about her wonderful supper club in Chicago, Seven Species. Her life is so jammed packed with Jewish and so many food hats you have to tune in and learn all about her.

Liz Alpern of The Gefilteria talks Gefilte Fish and More!

Episode 8


Liz Alpern


Gefilte Fish and More!

Beth meets up with Liz Alpern of The Gefilteria at a fantastic food demo in Detroit, Michigan. It’s part of the 2nd Annual Michigan Jewish Food Festival. The conversation with Liz covers lots about food pivots, her path to becoming a foodie and gefilte fish as an intro into old world Jewish foods.



The 2nd Annual Michigan Jewish Food Festival 007

Episode 007


Guest: Hazon

It’s a Food Festival!

Beth goes to Detroit, Michigan to check-out the 2nd Annual Michigan Jewish Food Festival. The festival is put on by Hazon. The word Hazon means vision. Hazon is an entry point and ongoing resource for individuals and institutions to engage in Jewish life and create a more sustainable world for all through Jewish outdoor, food, farming and environmental education. Hazon aims to point the Jewish community outwards to create change locally and nationally. They welcome participants of all religious backgrounds and none.


Traveling through Jewish Food History with Joan Nathan, Continued

Episode 6

Guest: Joan Nathan

Traveling through Jewish Food History

Award winning cookbook author Joan Nathan is back to share some food stories with Beth from her new cookbook King Solomon’s Table. They talk about blueberries and the discovery of a Toronto recipe that had its roots in Poland, Yemenite Shabbat chicken soup, and the latest Jewish food trend- Israeli food.