Guests: Tamar Fasja Unikel & Elena Vazquez

It’s all about a very cool virtual bakery in Chicago’s PIlson neighborhood. The story starts with two college friends from Mexico City that discover they both like to bake. Fast forward a few years and they find each other a few years later in Chicago, both still baking. They decide to do this for real and start a company called Masa Madre. They sell their amazing and unique babkas, challahs and much more. Be sure to listen to their story on this episode. One of the perks of doing this podcast episode? I had the opportunity to sample a slice of still warm challah with Alicia’s Mexican Za’atar and olive oil. The bread melted in my mouth- a crisp flaky crust and a soft, ever so tasty middle. OMG! A special thank you to Chicago Magazine for the use of this great shot of Tamar and Elena in the kitchen.