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the-big-schmear-joan-nathanThe Big Schmear is a new bi-monthly delicious podcast celebrating Jewish food, culture and history. The Big Schmear is all about your favorite Jewish food restaurants, Jewish food cookbooks, personalities and anything Jewish foodies find interesting.

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In a Jam?

Episode 23   Guest: Emily Paster In a Jam? Emily has been such a fun guest. In this next episode she talks with me in more detail about making preserves and then she shares the story of her other food projects -the food swap and her very excellent food blog. The...

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It’s 5 PM Someplace, Right?

Episode 20   Guest: Sonat Birnecker Hart It's 5 PM Someplace, Right? I had a super time talking with President of Koval Distillery, Sonat Birnecker Hart. I've known about Koval Distillery and Sonat for probably close to 8 years and I've had fun watching the...

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Passover with Chef Laura Frankel

Episode 18   Guest: Chef Laura Frankel Passover with Chef Laura Frankel We all start talking about and planning for Passover months before the holiday is even close. it's the most celebrated of all Jewish holidays and there are lots of plans that have to be made,...

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The Knish Wars

Episode 17   Guest: Joanne Oppenheim The Knish Wars It's my first ever interview with a children's book author. And not just any children's book author...she's the author of a children's book called: The Knish War on Rivington Street. How could I pass up the...

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Fun Times with Gil Hovav Part 2

Episode 16   Guest: Gil Hovav Fun Times with Gil Hovav Part 2 Gil Hovav is back for Part 2. He's a guy who seems to have a never ending supply of energy and creative ideas. He writes cookbooks, but not your ordinary cookbooks. And he develops shows for...

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Episode 14   Guest:Exhibitors & Vendors Kosherfest!! It's Kosherfest! And what is that you ask? It's the worlds' biggest event for the business of Kosher foods held annually in November. I had the opportunity to attend this year where it was held in Secaucus,...

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Jewish Food The Healthy Way

Episode 13   Guest: Nutritionist Tanya Rosen Jewish Food the Healthy Way Meet Tanya Rosen - star nutritionist and overall health guru. Tanya heads up her own business helping with the care and feeding of your healthy body from workout tapes to nutrition...

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Let’s Talk Chanukah!

Episode 12   Guest: Jamie Geller & Chef Laura Frankel Let's Talk Chanukah! Jamie Geller is BAAACK! and Chef Laura Frankel joins in for this episode. We talk about Israeli food and lots about Chanukah latkas and sufganiyot. I think you are going to be so ready...

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Jamie Geller: The Queen of Kosher

Episode 11   Guest: Jamie Geller Queen of Kosher I'm excited to talk with Jamie Geller of Joy of Kosher magazine in this episode. She's an amazing woman with tons of energy and it's all focused on preparing Jewish food. Join me for learning how Jamie went from...

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The Breakfast Queen, Continued

Episode 4   Guest: Ina Pinkney The Breakfast Queen, Continued In this episode, Ina talks about her favorite Jewish foods, including some that are her own guilty pleasures and some that found their way into her restaurant. She also shares what she considers to be...

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The Breakfast Queen

Episode 3   Guest: Ina Pinkney The Breakfast Queen In this episode of The Big Schmear we meet Ina Pinkney, an amazing entrepreneur and restaurant owner, from her first flourless chocolate cake delivery service to the opening of her iconic breakfast eatery in...

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Keeping it Kosher with Chef Laura Frankel pt 2

Episode 2   Guest: Chef Laura Frankel Keeping it Kosher Chef Laura is back in episode 2 of The Big Schmear to talk with Beth about her new position with Jamie Gelier’s magazine, Joy of Kosher, and what life is like now that she’s testing literally dozens of new...

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