Guest: Boris Fishman

Novelist, Memoirist, and Hard-working Home Cook


Photo Credit: Stephanie Kaltsas

Boris Fishman is a wonderful writer providing a unique immigrant perspective to his work. My new favorite book by Boris is: Three Generations, Two Continents, and a Dinner Table SAVAGE FEAST, A Memoir with Recipes. Even from the prologue you are drawn into the book by the character profiles and of course, the food. He was so generous with his time for our interview that we talk about lots in addition to food. Our conversation moves from his early life in the USSR to his youth in NY with a lot of insight into his family and his grandfather’s home aid — the inspiration for Boris’s cooking life and for SAVAGE FEAST. I hope you enjoy listening in. BTW, the recipes in his book are mouthwatering for sure. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in need of cooking up some Russian cuisine while reading this book.